woensdag 11 juni 2014

Folded lamp Boooom! by Marc de Groot

Last week I've posted a blog about some products I photographed at Design District. This beautiful new lamp Boooom! from Marc de Groot deserves it's own blog. Especially because I want to give some extra information about this lamp. 

Designed by Marc de Groot inspired by the place where their studio is located, a former bomb craft. The lamp is also produced in it's own studio in Amsterdam. Originated from folding and assembling metal parts forming the pattern. This gives a sphere of light opening that creates the special light image in a space. The BOOOOM! get cut with the latest laser technology and then sanded directionless and can be possibly sprayed in a colour.
Marc de Groot is a creative person with a lot more to come. I really like his lamps and would love to add this to my home!

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