maandag 21 oktober 2013

Eventstyling for TinadagXL 2013

Goodmorning! I would like to start this week with a blog post about the Tinadag XL. This is a dutch event from magazine Tina specially for girls from 8-14 years in park Duinrell (28-29 september). Since 3 years i'm working on this event together with my friend and eventstylist Sanne Bannink. Together we're responsible for the complete decoration of this event. Every year it feels like a party to work on this event while we're already starting in june with the first meetings. This year the Tina want to use a new theme : Aloha. So we want to restyle this parc into a tropical party with a lot of pink, flamingo's, palmtrees, pineapples and surfboards. We've been working on this event for a couple of months to arrange all the products, searching for sponsors and shopping all the styling together. 3 days before the event was about to begin, we've been working in this parc with a big team to build everything up. Here i want to show you some photo's from these days. Also i show you some photo's from the styling and the Tinadag weekend where 18.000 girls enjoying their Aloha day in the sun, the tropical atmosphere and ofcourse their favourite boybands!

It was a lot of fun and inspiring to work with my sweet friend and collegue Sanne again on this event! We will be working also together at the event Margriet winterfair where we both will be reposible for another project. But i already can't wait to get started in june with the first meetings for Tinadag 2014!

Photo's : Christ ClijsenJoni Israeli, Mark Reijerse and my Iphone

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  1. Ziet er leuk uit zeg! kan me voorstellen dat dit de doelgroep helemaal aanspreekt! en wat leuk om dit samen met een vriendin te doen. Ik ga je blog vanaf nu volgen hoor! Ik zal je ook op mijn blogrol plaatsen. Grtjs Katja Mint&Mocha

  2. Dat moet me weer een klus geweest zijn! Het ziet er prachtig uit.. op naar de volgende keer! x


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