woensdag 11 september 2013

My last two weeks on Instagram

It's my intention to post photo's on my Binti Home Instagram every day to give a view in my life and projects im working on. This is what I did the last two weeks :

* (photo above), last monday I've visited Maison et Objet in Paris in one day. Yes really, one day. In the morning i've took the Thalys on 6.30 a.m. ( because of delay it was eventually 8.30a.m.) and 3 hours later I was walking on the Fair. I've had a great time, i really like the mix of differents brands from various countries on this fair. I've seen some new brands and brands i already adore like Muuto, House Doctor and AndTradition. To visit the fair i keep myself updated about the newest products and also i can keep in good contact with the agents and designers. Tomorrow I'll start with blogging about this fair, curious what you think!

 * At the end of august my holiday in Egypt was about to end. I was a little sad because I love this country so much and especially the people who live there, my father, family and friends. I've had a great time ( beside all the bad things what happens there). The last weekend my dear friend T. has taken me to an amazing place called Sequoia. It's a restaurant/lounge located next to the Nile with an great atmosphere and inspiring corners. Ofcourse i've made some photo's to share with you on this blog soon.

* When I got back in the Netherlands i've had some changes in my home. Last week I've renovated my home studio with smooth plastered walls and a new floor, and it's all white now! I'm going to buy some new furniture and i have some great ideas for D.I.Y projects in my mind.  I'm thinking about showing this on my blog so you can see what i'm creating. I'm curious what you think :). I've start blogging about the new Flexa line where I've created a 3d moodboard with colours and products I like. More 3d moodboards to come up!

 * Two days after i've returned from holiday i already started working. I've photographed the great home from Lizzy and her family ( See her instagram page here .. ) for dutch magazine Flair. This will be published 30th of October. And last week the homestory of Mirjam ( see her instagram page) was published in the Flair, also a production i've styled and photographed.

Next two weeks there's a lot going on with a photoshoot for a dutch brand, preparing the styling for event Tinadag together with my collegue-friend, and i'll work on a interiordesign for a private home. I try to keep you posted everyday on Instagram and please follow my blog on Bloglovin' for new photo's.

Have a great evening!

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