donderdag 8 mei 2014

Styling and interiorphotography for Postercandy

In this blogpost I like to share with you the photo's of a really nice assignment I did for Postercandy.  Postercandy is a website where you can print your own photo's on posters in different sizes. You can simply upload these photo's via your computer, Facebook or Instagram and create your own poster by selecting the photo's in the different squares. You can also choose if you like a black or white background and also the ammount of squares on the poster, this makes the difference in the sizes of the photo's. A really easy and beautiful product what you can made quickly on their new website here.

For this new website I was asked to create images with their Postercandies. The assignment was to show a Postercandy in a various of atmospheres in different places in a home. The most important thing was to let the Postercandy really pop out of the photo and make this a musthave for everyone who sees the photo. This was a nice challenge and I started this assignment with creating some atmospheres in a moodboard from several rooms at two locations (homes) I've found. ( Thank you Anne Britt and Lizzy for your hospitality!). I worked out these atmospheres with colours and themes for the posters. Together with Postercandy we made the final selection of the themes and after the preparations and shopping of some extra styling I was ready for the photoshoot.

In two days I've styled and photographed the images below in different corners like the kitchen, livingroom, diningroom, kidsroom and a bedroom in two houses here in the Netherlands. It's was so much fun to do, especially to work with the theme's and colours in these different corners of a home. Im really happy with the result and it's excited to see my photo's on the new website from Postercandy. Do you also like to make a Postercandy yourself? Would love to see this, just send me an link or tag me on Instagram.

Styling & photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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  1. Very awesome idea Souraya! I am definitely going to use it to style our apartment:)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and great to hear you like to use this idea for your apartment. Feel free to share the photo! Goodluck :)

  2. Hello, it is nice and very good job :) and thank you for this blog :)
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hello Souraya, I really love the rabbit and the pillows in the childrens room. So cute!

  4. Preciosa gama de grises en la cocina!!!
    Bonitas fotografías


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