vrijdag 4 april 2014

Behind the scenes of productstyling and interiorphotography

Behind the scenes for Binti Home Shop
Goodmorning! Here's a little update from my Instagram pictures of last week. It was a great workweek what hasn't been finished yet. I was on the road for two days, working on a really nice assignment for Postercandy. I was asked to do the styling and photography for 8 different settings on two locations, in Amsterdam and Oss. So I was driving over the dutch highways with a car full of nice stylingproducts and the music from Pharell out of my speakers. Today I will select the photo's, do some editing and then sending them to Postercandy for their new website what will be online soon. Beside this great assignment I also planned some photoshoots for Binti Home Shop. It's really happy everything will be finished soon and I love the colourschemes I'm working with. I can say that it's excited to launch this website soon, really curious what you'll think! Yesterday I received the Flair of this week with the photo's I've made at the colourful home of blogger Nancy ( Nenz.net). Thank you for the sweet words in your latest blogpost Nancy!

So what is your plan for today and this weekend? First I will drink a coffee with my father who will go back to Egypt again :(. After I will do another photography for Binti Home Shop at a location in Leiden and tomorrow as well in Den Haag. And after a week full of driving, styling, photography and working I will spend a good saturdaynight and sunday with friends. Happy Friday!

Driving around with beautiful stylingproducts

Behind the scenes for Postercandy in Oss

Behind the scenes for Postercandy in Amsterdam

Interiorphotography published in Flair magazine this week
Photo's via Binti Home Instagram

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