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How to use a cupboard in your home

Lovely mint painted cupboard, used as a closet, in the bedroom of Anne Britt Hansen
I'd like to start with a new item about interior inspiration on my blog. Because of my work as an interiordesigner and stylist I like to share inspiration about how to use products in your interior, stylingtips and to create a personal home. I will share some stylingtips now and then and hope you like the ideas I'll show here. Let me know what you think!

I will start with an blog about cupboards. The last months I've visited many houses with different styles and ideas. Everyone needs cupboards in their home, to storage their clothes, products, books or to hide the television(!) (love this idea!). You can just leave the cupboard how it is, or change it a little bit to give it a personal touch. In the photo above the cupboard is used as a closet in the bedroom and has been painted in beautiful mint colour.

Industrial & vintage styling
If you have a smaller cupboard like this you can use this easy in two ways. To storage all your personal belongings inside, and just hide it behind the doors. And on the top of the cupboard you can display your favourite products together in a nice styling setting. In this photo I love the basic look of the white cupboard in front of the grey wall. Because of the calm look the products really pop out. This copper letter and vintage lantern looks amazing together with the Hay lup. 
This cupboard in the home of Mieke has a basic white look
Cupboard with glass doors
Do you have a cupboard with glass in the doors? You can easy give a personal touch to write with a chalk marker on this glass. You can use it as a to do list, or write lovely words for your partner. But I can believe when you have children they will also enjoy 'drawing' on the cupboard! You can use a chalkmarker in white, but there are also other colours available. Make sure you've got the write marker so you can erase the things you've written. Enjoy!
Old cabinet with lovey drawings in the home of Lizzy
Hide the television in the cupboard
Oh how I love this idea. In almost every home you can find a television, mostly on a prominent place in the living room. But if you can't stand the look of the television you can hide it in different ways. For example in this cute white cupboard above. The television has been hide behind the doors, so when you don't watch the television, just close the doors and enjoy the serene atmosphere in your home.
Lovely stylingidea to hide the television in the cupboard in Mirjam's home

How do you use your cupboard at home, and do you give it a personal touch?

Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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  1. Very nice ideas about cupboards:) and i love mint color. So something to think about in the next DIY project.


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