zondag 13 oktober 2013

Autumn colours in my home office

How I love these autumn colours in my home office. Despite all those rainy days the Autumn season brings (like today), I still love it. Not only because of the change in colours we see in nature all around us, but also because it inspires me to use my favourite colours (and flowers!) in my home office. This new desk from House Doctor arrived last week and I'm very happy with it. I've got some restyling ideas for this desk, together with House Doctor. I will blog about this during the next few weeks. I hope you will visit this blog again to read more about it. On the other side of my desk you can find a lot of unread magazines like 101 woonideeën, VT Wonen and Elle Decoration. I guess that tonight I will have to fill my favourite Höganäs teamug with nice, warm tea and try to take in all the stories and inspiration these magazines contain. Have a lovely sunday!

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