dinsdag 10 april 2012

Interview op de site van Meet the Blogger Amsterdam!

Het kaartje voor Meet the Blogger Amsterdam is gekocht, en ik heb me ingeschreven voor twee leuke workshops : Product photography met Yvonne Eijkenduijn van Yvestown en Beautiful product design door Brabantia. Ik heb erg veel zin in deze inspirerende dag waarbij vele interieur/lifestyle bloggers samen komen om hun passie voor blogs, interieur, fotografie en lifestyle te delen. Zie hieronder mijn interview die nu op de site van Meet the Blogger staat, ik ben erg blij met dit leuke interview. Wat vinden jullie ervan?

Bloggers Unite: Styling en Interieur

Styling en interieur blog
Today in Bloggers Unite we feature the colourful blog Styling en Interieur from interior stylist Souraya Hassan. Souraya’s styling projects reflect a cultural mix: Eastern traditionality, mystery and warmth, combined with Western clear and modern design. We love it!

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2009 when i graduated from Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam. I graduated as Allround Stylist specialized in Interior Design.

What is the idea behind your blog?

I’ve always been addicted to colour and like to create a complete atmosphere where colour, materials, products and light come together and tell one story. I think colour is important in every room, object or stylingproject and by choosing another colour you can change the whole atmosphere.
Because I get so inspired by the projects, fairs, trends and design I see in my work, I wanted to share this with other people. That’s why I started my blog Styling & Interieur. This blog is especially about colour, design, photography and trends. But I also like to show the readers a view in my life as an interior stylist. I like to show them how I work in a project or I post photo’s from different fairs, stores and brands I’ve visited in the Netherlands but also during my travels.

There’s a new item on my blog every Friday, called Photography + Colours, where my passion for photography and colour comes together. I choose some colours from the photo’s, which i’ve made during my travels or daily life and i put this colours next to the photo. The colours in the photo will now tell a story and i hope to inspire people with this new item.

What is your favourites home, design or lifestyleblog?

I still find new blogs when i’m searching on the web and i think Pinterest and Twitter are great places to find and meet more bloggers and stylists. The favourite blogs I take a look at a few days a week are : Emma’s design blogColor CollectiveAnnaleenasHem, and of course I also often visit Dutch blogs like Vosges Paris and April and May.

What advice would you give to new bloggers when they want to start a new blog?

I think it’s imporant to give the readers a view in your life and show your personality. A blog is like a collection of all the things you like and if you tell your opinions and choices in your daily life I guess people love to read your blog because you give your own signature. Inspire and let yourself be inspired.

How do you see the future of blogging?

I guess blogging is taking big steps and getting bigger and bigger. A lot of people start blogging right now or start to follow, to like and to ‘pin’(terst) the blogs. I guess the blogs will be the new magazines and develop into real businesses. The bloggers netwerk will grow very fast. And because of this new blogger evenement there’s a possibility to meet each other in the ‘offline’ world. I would love to meet the other bloggers at the Meet the blogger event: To Inspire & let yourself be inspired.

Thank you Souraya for the interview and we love to meet you at Meet the Blogger!

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  1. Ik was graag naar Meet The Blogger toegegaan, heb er zelfs een post aan geweid op mijn blog maar wij zijn dan op vakantie, waarschijnlijk voor de laatste keer met mijn hele gezin.


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