woensdag 30 april 2014

Happy news : My own (Binti) Home!

Cushion Binti Home Collection, quote by Binti Home

Yeey! I can share with you the best news of this year... Im going to move to my own home in a couple of weeks! Some of you already know I was busy with a home in Hillegom but this didn't worked out good, and when Im not feeling really good about something I have to trust this feeling. So then I've found another house nearby. The first step in this house already felt like home... such amazing windows and light, beautiful space and a lot of possibilties for living and working! 

Finally I can create my own ( Binti ) home with all the colours, materials and furniture I like, can't wait to get started. And the good news is that I can move in this home already in a couple of weeks so that's really excited. 

Because of this amazing news I also decided to launch the webshop when I've been moved into this new home. Here I have a special workspace to run the webshop and this gives me a better feeling to start this shop. So please have some patience, in the meantime, if you already see some cushions you'd like, just send me an e-mail (info@binti-home.nl) and you can already make your first order.

Styling & fotografie : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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