zaterdag 18 januari 2014

How I restyled the House Doctor MIX desk in 3 ways

Stylist restyling house doctor mix desk

Last week I posted the photo's from the natural House Doctor Mix desk on my blog. The first idea with this desk was to show a restyling in 3 different ways. I want to show the desk in a natural look with white accessories, a industrial grey and black look, and restyled with the colours grey and yellow.

House Doctor MIX Desk natural white
First I styled the natural desk with white accessoiries. I love the serene look of this desk together with the white styling. Above the desk I hang a white Ikea rice lamp on, use some white painted clipboards and a white basket from Loods 5 to finish the styling. 
House Doctor mix desk natural

House Doctor MIX desk in graphic grey and black
This is not really a style you know from me, normally I'm more into colour. But I just want to show you how I changed the desk by painting the top in white and use striped masking tape to cover the borders around the drawers. I didn't paint the legs because I really like the natural wood. I styled this desk with the industrial lamp and display cabinet from House Doctor. The display cabinet is available in my shop. The black wire hangers are from Hay. Also I add some inspiration photo's out of magazines and hang this on the wall behind the desk. The letter tray from old zinc will soon be available in my shop. 
House Doctor mix desk graphic black
House Doctor MIX desk in grey and yellow
So this is more my style. Painted the top of the desk, the front of the legs and the front of the drawers in colour Subtle Grey from Flexa Pure. Im still in love with the colour yellow so for a funny touch I'd like to paint one drawer in colour Real Honey from Flexa Pure. The other side of the drawer is also grey, so if I want only grey drawers, this is also possible. I used the Rusty lamp from Zuiver, de Knodd from Ikea and the lovely yellow vase cover and grey textile basker from Studio Blomm. More detail photo's soon!
House Doctor mix desk restyling grey and yellow

 Photography and styling : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

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  1. Wauw wat mooi! Alhoewel ik de ongeverfde versie top vind, en het idee met de zwart witte masking tape heel leuk, is de laatste echt mijn favoriete! Geweldig die gele kleur en mooie accessoires!

    1. Bedankt voor je reactie Anneke, leuk om te horen wat je favoriet is

  2. .....really nice ideas......i like the all the 3 styles, you did a great job :-))
    Greetings from germany

  3. Alle drie erg mooi. De natural white is mijn favoriet!
    Groetjes van Susanne - Blogger van

  4. Prachtig gedaan, alle drie heel goed gelukt en super mooi!

  5. Souraya, wat een gave productie is dit geworden!
    Thanks voor het delen :)

    1. Bedankt voor je reactie Karlijn. Was ontzettend leuk om te doen, blij met het resultaat.

  6. Hoi Souraya! Via Pinterest ben ik op je blog terecht gekomen. En ik wilde even zeggen wát een toffe inspiratie vindt ik hier zeg! Ik kom zeker vaker terug om nog meer leuke ideeën op te doen! Liefs! Kim

    1. Wat een leuke reactie Kimberley en wat fijn om te horen dat deze blog je inspireert! :).


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