dinsdag 31 december 2013

Thank you & best wishes

On this last day of 2013 I want to take a moment to thank you for all the support of my blog. Since I started this blog last summer I've had so much fun by sharing my styling, photo's and projects and feel happy you're reading my blogs. I'm glad by reading your comments, e-mails and meet so much new people. I think I can say this blog is already a part of my business Binti Home because I got new assignments and projects because of sharing my inspiration here. Im so thankful for this new step, thankful for the way I can run my business and thankful I can do what I love to do. Hope to get a new inspiring year where I can meet you again, work on new projects and travel to other countries for inspiration (and maybe projects as well). I wish you all the best for 2014 and hope it may give you what you want, and you can do what you like to do.

Live the life you love & do what makes you happy, will also be my quote for 2014. Follow your heart :)

Styling & Photography : Souraya Hassan, Binti Home

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt een prachtig bedrijf Souraya, respect! See you soon! xo

  2. Je hebt iets moois neergezet en ik wens je heel veel liefs en goeds in het nieuwe jaar.


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