donderdag 26 april 2012

Milan inspiration | Carwan gallery with designers from the Middle East in Zone Lambrate

De entree van Gallery Carwan met boven de balie de prachtige lampen van ontwerpster Lindsey Adelman.

Erg verrast was ik toen we de Carwan gallery tegen kwamen in Zone Lambrate. Na de eerste dag vol inspiratie vond ik het wel jammer dat ik eigenlijk weinig oosterse ontwerpers had gezien. Deze gallery, in weer een prachtige oude loods, stond in het teken van oosterse ontwerpers. Erg inspirerend en warm tegelijk. Zeker inspiratie op gedaan voor mijn eigen plannen voor 2012. We waren ook nog eens op tijd voor een heerlijke lunch met Arabische hapjes. Een gastvrij ontvangst zoals ik dat in mijn cultuur gewend ben!

I was very surprised when i saw the Carwan gallery in Zone Lambrate. After the first day of inspiration, i found a pitty that i actually have seen not so many oriental designers. This gallery, located in a beautiful old warehouse, was dominated by oriental designers. Very inspiring and warm. Certainly inspiration done for my own project for 2012. We were also just in time for a delicious lunch with Arabic snacks. A warm welcome as i am used to in my culture! 

Gradient Mashrabiya Sideboard by Studio Mischer'Traxler, inspired by the wooden window screens found in the Middle East architecture.

Refraction tiles by Lindsey Adams Adelman made by Lebanon's leader in handmade cement tiles, Blatt Chaya.

 The Fragmented Clock by Lebanese designer Nada Debs. This design is a contemporary take on the grandfather clock, which is reminiscent of the past and captures the significance of heritage.

 Studio Oeuffice collaborated with a Lebanese craftsman specialized in wood inlay, Oeuffice has created a system of independent boxes that stack together forming a monumental tower fitted for the domestic landscape.

 The Wall of light by Paul Loebach, based on a 'vertical chandelier' inspired by a voyage from to the Middle East where he found the traditional oil lamp manifested in countless unique shapes and extraordinary configurations.

 The Arabi Chandelier is a project by Khalid Shafar. This object uses craft items to bind it's structure together, suspending the central light fixture and extending it's form to create the shape of a classical chandelier.

Carpet of wool in combination with little mirrors by Turkish designer Tamer Nakisci.

The Living Space ||| has been designed by Karen Cherkdjian from Beirut. Sculptural and functonal, this object combines a lounger, coffee table, stool and magazine rack into a single unit that becomes more than furniture.

The extrusion bowls, stool, high tray and table designed by Philippe Malouin. He combined the Lebanese intarsia and lathe technique. Both techniques are ancient crafts that orginated in the Middle East around 1200 BC.
  The delicious arabic lunch i really adore!

Fotografie : Binti Home

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